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In 2010 I was part of an arts residency located in a 15th Century Muslim village in Cappadocia, Turkey. By living in the village I was furthering my ethnographic research; learning traditional ways, understanding the people and their customs, and taking part in creating traditional art forms.

I was fascinated about many things in the Turkish culture, such as the daily prayers which were initially an unfamiliar sound, but after I settled into village life, if they were late I would feel uncomfortable and wonder where they were. I was continually in awe of the visual history found on every hillside, and the local history was shared with me through the traditional carpets which connect the weave of the patterns to the local tribal ways. I began to see the link between the practises of daily living and the religious ways, and I could understand the impact of culture within the patterns when I was working. I especially enjoyed the village women, their humour, courage and wisdom, all of which can be found in the lines of their faces.

My brief was to work in the ancient Cappadocia caves and to develop an installation in-situ. The caves had an extraordinary earthy feel, and I felt the stories seeping out of the soil from the many families which had made the caves their home over hundreds of years. When clearing the caves for installation I came across many “digs” that became included as found objects. When I finished the installation the local villagers came to the opening and then began to invite others and before long, large tourist buses were stopping daily to see the “Australian woman working in the caves”.

This work is part of the 2013 Queensland Regional Galleries touring exhibition: We Are All One Under The Skin.

For all Artwork enquiries, please contact Chris Harrison.

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