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Barcelona is a magical place for an artist to work, everywhere you look there are beautiful things to paint and draw. The buildings in Barcelona, whether built in the Romanesque or modern architectural style, are very sensitively integrated - like a painting in the way that the compositions come together through line and colour. I became fascinated by the Gaudi organic and almost magic in their colour and shapes...most unusual and yet they fitted alongside the other buildings in harmony.

I visited the Picasso museum. Before visiting the museum I had seen a recent Picasso exhibition at the NSW Art Gallery - which for me looked as though it was confused in the installation but, by seeing the prolific amount of work Picasso had done in Barcelona, I was able to see the emergence of his style and the changes that occurred at different stages in his life. I could finally appreciate his brilliance and I now more fully understood his work in the context of: the man in his own country.

I visited a number of other art galleries one being Mon Serrat and the Salvador Dali Gallery, where I was awe-struck by the amazing landscape that surrounds the gallery. I visited a quaint little place called Stiches, a beautiful place where I did a number of drawings and saw some of El Greco’s works. I also spent time in Madrid which again had a very different flavour, I visited many wonderful galleries and I completed quite a number of paintings and drawings of Madrid.

I would like to share with you some of my photographs and sketches from my time in Spain these will be enlarged into paintings as part of my 2013-14 touring exhibition of regional Queensland galleries.

For all Artwork enquiries, please contact Chris Harrison.

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