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Travels and Artwork 2013-14

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In 2013/14 Chris and Karl return together to the Red Centre of Australia, and plan to discover the Amazon, Galapagos Islands, Thailand and Nepal.

In July 2013, as part of our visit to Uluru, Karl and I were moved to do a small ceremony to acknowledge the lives of both our first born sons, and to remember Uncle John's son, who is our Bundjalung friend, as we all lost a son the same day... 6th April.

On the way to Alice Springs, we had a look at the famous Papunya Tjupi Art Centre (240 km West of Alice Springs), famous for printmaking and as the home of the Papunya Tula Artists est. 1972. Then travelled onto Kintore (520 km West of Alice Springs or 34 km West of W.A./N.T. border), through the Western Desert to Uluru to arrive in Alice Springs. Apart from having a great time, and remembering past times, we were collecting ideas for the joint exhibition 'maths/art and the environment'.

We have both had long histories with the Northern Territory and outback life, and we share aboriginal connections in many ways, like with Uncle John and other elders we have both lived and worked with over the years. While out west we visited two of the communities that Karl had been a medical doctor for and then we went to the Roper River region and stayed way out back in a tent... no roads... only camels. It was here I managed to do paintings and a lot of photography.

These are quite complicated images as they are personal and reflect how I have begun to comprehend living with cancer. The work has quickly evolved... it began with stark bright shapes and through the process within, and on the canvas, the shapes have become complex. I realise I have rediscovered my use of "colour" through this process. It was interesting for me to do it as it links to my belief that no matter what you have to deal with in life, it must be a growing and positive experience... if I don't learn... then I will not grow.

The Amazon & Galapagos
Later in September 2013, we will again be venturing away from home, but this time overseas for about seven weeks. We will be going to the Amazon and Galapagos Islands, the Bolivian salt flats and the remains of the Inca Empire sites. Our focus will be to collect primary resources (or ethnographic materials) through photographing, sketching and imprinting the various leaves and shapes that come our way. This will also include interviewing local artists and community – in preparation for the up and coming 'maths/art and the environment' exhibitions in W.A. during 2015.

In November 2013, we will be travelling to Thailand to combine a teaching/research trip. With our friend Teeki (an indigenous weaver), we hope to combine ethnographic research with a medical locum assignment for Dr Karl. We all hope to participate in skill sharing through artistic and medical contributions.

In 2014, we hope to be going to the Nepal Museum to work in and live in a nearby village community.

For all Artwork enquiries, please contact Chris Harrison.

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