Chris Harrison

Multi Media Artist

As a mother, teacher and artist, I have spent many years working on the red lands and in the desert regions of Australia. In more recent times, I have been travelling internationally and learning traditional cultural ways in art making from artists and village people in each country I visit. I find with each new and raw cultural experience, that I am reinforced with a deep awareness that we are all rather the same in our human needs and essence.

As a multi-media artist, my work is cross-disciplinary and research based; from this comes the organic expression of the reflections I have gained from site-specific immersion. Ethnographic research suits my style of art practice; I collect, photograph, write, go to primary sources, draw, do dry point, interview local people, and monitor patterns in traditions and line by collecting stories. I enjoy working with organic materials, ink and pen, and I learn as many technical skills as possible to complement my drawings, paintings, handmade papers and weaving.


Karl Richardson

I was born in Woolloomoloo, the seventh of nine children, and raised in the inner city of Sydney. I won a bursary to complete my education at Sydney High. From this came my deep love of education, in particular mathematics and the arts.

My first career was as a high school teacher, working in Fiji for two years, where I was immersed in a different culture.

Later I trained as a medical practitioner and have worked in outback Australia with Aboriginal medical practice, and also internationally. I was also a specialist anaesthetist.

I work with my wife Christina in cross disciplinary research and together we put two different methods of research into developing art installations. As a team we are both focused on social justice issues and the beauty of our world.

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